Primo:Celebratory Posters

This book is a selection of posters and their stories celebrating specific events. In this book,
Primo captures the essence of San Francisco, from his fifty years in the city, in words and pictures.

“Primo Angeli has raised the art of the poster to a fine art of color.”

— Andrew G. Jameson


London_Calling_spread Atlanta_spread

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“The pictures in this book represent a poignant chronicle of a rather long journey. Each composition opens a chapter in my memory of the happenings that occurred in the course of construction. Framed on a wall, the posters become leaves from an accidental audio-visual diary of my own making, where writing would not have been consistent or disciplined enough to score this part of my life.”

— Primo Angeli


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“The evolution of poster graphics in the last decades of the 20th century created an expanded venue for art in advertising. As this retrospective demonstrates, Primo Angeli played a leading role in the development of communication through art.”

— Kevin Starr
    University of Southern California
    National Humanities Medalist 2006

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“By their very nature, these posters are playgrounds on which stories are created. Primo Angeli evokes the past and anticipates the future by connecting the European and Pacific shores. He is creating work destined to reside in the visual consciousness of future generations.”

— Daniela Piscitelli

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